Amazing quality for price, a solid mild-hitting indica with a good THC count. This one settles on gradually but can be some powerful stuff. It has an unspectactular color, taste, and smell but I am happy with the lack of after-taste and side effects. I’d have bought another batch if it hadn’t gone out of stock!

Mark Jance

I’m on my third bottle. I use it every day. Helps with ptsd and fibromyalgia. Great for the price

mike jones

My latest order came today, this is the darkest stuff I have seen, tastes good , heavy hit a perfect Indica.
SO dark its fun to just look at
Will order again, and again.
GK is the best online site I have used so far, and by far the best,


Not bad taste is good but I expected more of a buzz for the price


Nice smell and awesome looking buds. Smoking it is smooth and hits well .taste through my Vtower is excellent.

420 fan

Big buds, hard buds. Good taste but I find it a bit rough on the throat.
If it was not to the fact it’s making cough that much I would have give it a 5 stars


Very good for the price, will buy again for sure.


This one is a special treat for me.

The aroma and smell is like fresh pine needles from a christmas tree – super strong! And those awesome red hairs are everywhere on the nugs.

Total head high for me – good high and long lasting.


Decent smell – not overpowering but decent.. First time I smoked this I was under the weather, and it didn’t hit much – I was going to give this one a 2.

Boy was I wrong – the flu must have affected my high because this one builds and builds and I get super blasted from this one. Crazy giggles/euphoria for the first hour and then a great body stone. This one lasts a long time too. For me about 3 hours.

Great nugs and super smooth taste. Definitely not a budget strain and NOT for newbies but gets a
Five star rating.


Nice purpule buds. Gets me extremely HIGH. waited a while for it but worth the wait.Gotta get some!!


When I first opened up my order I was wondering what the hell? I mean how can you call this shatter? Everything I have ordered the past while has been very glassy, not this. The product has a pine, lemon smell and taste, and it tastes good, real good. Even better is the high, very nice and grabs you fast while giving a nice headstone and body stone. Don’t let the looks of this fool you, not sure if something went wrong during production, as this stuff is more of a budder than a shatter. I would have given five stars if it was glass but it smokes really nice and I have a high tolerance.


Very strong,was not a fan of the taste , just a personal preference though


Got an ounce last time was available at mega price. first time I tried it somehow not impressed looked great monster pine cone buds blueberry skunk nose. put it away weeks or month later tried it again Oh My Goodness Gracious Green absolutely beautiful complex long lasting phenomenal high. This is close to as good as weed gets.
Just goes to show right weed at the right time makes all the difference. Got a top shelf in my dresser filled with jars with your sweet herb.